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Visa Information

A South African citizen holding a valid South African passport does not need to obtain a visa prior to traveling to Israel. A tourist visa, valid for a 3-months stay, will be issued upon entry to Israel. HOWEVER, Legal residents of South Africa holding a valid Re-Entry Permit, Temporary Passport or a Refugee travel document must apply for a visa at the Consulate.


The currency in Israel is the Shekel. There are no restrictions on the import and export of Israeli or foreign currency. Credit cards can be used in Israel for larger purchases. Please be advised that the ATM machines dispense money in SHEKELS - NOT US DOLLARS. U.S. dollars are recommended for use for small purchases and tipping. Please Note: We suggest you call your bank and/or credit card Company before you leave, to let them know you will be out of the country and using your ATM card or credit card.


Electricity in Israel is 220 volts 50 Hz and uses the European plug with two round pins. You will need to bring along the necessary converters and adapters to operate any 120 volt appliances such as hair dryers and electric razors as well as camera and cell phone chargers.

Time Zone

The time zone for Israel is 1 hour ahead of GMT. Approximate travel time from Pretoria, South Africa to Jerusalem, Israel is 8 hrs, 13 mins


Israel enjoys long, warm, dry summers (April-October) and generally mild winters (November-March) with somewhat drier, cooler weather in hilly regions, such as Jerusalem and Safed. Rainfall is relatively heavy in the north and centre of the country, with much less in the northern Negev and almost negligible. Regional conditions vary considerably, with humid summers and mild winters on the coast; dry summers and moderately cold winters in the hill regions; hot dry summers and pleasant winters in the Jordan Valley; and year-round semi-desert conditions in the Negev.


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