Lisa McClure

Dear Abby

It came as no surprise then, that the Holy Land tour would help me to seek new as well as old truths which pre-trip I anticipated largely. Post trip I still find myself discovering with relish, the fact that there will forever more be oodles to learn about concerning our beautiful faith and our important part as Christians and beacons of hope to the people of the world. The tour itself was a slice of heaven! Spiritually uplifting and feeding my soul with its sweetness and date-honey dripping goodness - which if, I may add, sadly did not get to purchase! Thank you Thurston and Abby for the inspiring, God-fearing couple that you are and for a sterling tour that is so difficult to put into words but will always be written on my heart. Every crumb, every bite, every delicious piece of frosting will live on forever in my memories. Yes- I captured panoramic pics of sites but nothing and I repeat NOTHING is comparable with the reality of the moment. The smells, the flavours of the delicious food, the sounds of the ancient languages in the markets of the Via Dolorosa. NO! Undeniably, one has to be there to capture the panorama of Israel in all its glory. All thanks and glory go to God in whom and through whom all things are possible. With love and light,

Lisa McClure


212 Saint James Drive,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania,

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