Yvonne Ponnusamy

Dear Abby

I returned from an awesome life changing experience. Prior to departure Abby kept us informed on little details concerning Israel and the events that take place at different times of the year. Our anticipation grew each time we received something from her and our departure could not come fast enough. She is extremely passionate about taking people to Israel and softening hearts to the reality of Jesus Christ. Abby obviously puts a lot of thought into the itinerary that covers sites that most others do not include. She gave useful and detailed information regarding the itinerary for each day and the visits to the sites far exceeded my expectations. We were met in Israel by an English guide, a very animated lady who used lots of props to help us have a visual sense of the ancient of days. She was extremely knowledgeable in Biblical things as well as Israel as a country. My knowledge base has definitely broadened and I now have a deeper insight and understanding of the Bible. We travelled around Israel in an air-conditioned bus that was also fitted with Wi-Fi so you could keep connected with your loved ones back home. I would highly recommend Abby’s World Travel for a spiritual journey to the birth land of your Christian faith..

Yvonne Ponnusamy


212 Saint James Drive,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania,

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