Dear Abby

Israel was not entirely on my agenda but somehow found its way into my matter of things. I was looking to do something for my 50th Birthday in October 2018 & without thinking about it I typed Israel tours into the search bar of google and up pops Abby’s World Travel. I booked my trip and found myself on a pilgrimage with strangers. During my stay in Israel many things good and bad popped up, which I embraced politely, it’s part of anyone’s journey I suppose. I spent my time walking alone a lot during the tour due to the fact that I wanted a journey of self-discovery, I was searching for the radical, I wanted to feel the presence of God and I did in small doses until the very end of my trip when I realized that Gods word is true, that God is raising His Temple (Jerusalem) and while many have had a journey filled with all that they prayed for I was filled with Hope that GOD WILL RESURRECT. I did not need to go to Israel to get revelation of this but when I look at Abigail and her husband Thurston I am in awe of what their journey represents, it’s a manner in which they assist the land of Israel for resurrection by bringing in the flock that invest for the future of Israel, for prophesies to be fulfilled, for people to walk the pathways that found Jesus ministering the word of God all those centuries ago. I feel it mandatory that Christians visit the Holy Land at some point in their lives. What we shall get back is far more profitable than any bank return. I went to Israel alone but came back to SA with a refreshingly new family and HOPE renewed. I leave you with a prayer that a trip to Israel is possible for each one and possible with Abby’s World Travel as this is a not a job for Abigail but a Ministry.




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