Marlan and Lauren Govender


I want to compliment one Abby’s World Travel, especially Abigail and Thurston. Abby went to great lengths to help us from the time the trip to Israel was booked to ensure our journey to the Holy land was one to remember until we got back home in SA. We have been shopping far and wide for the best price on tours and are pleased to find that you are as good as your word. We hope you will continue to offer such wonderful prices for the tour we received! We truly felt like everything food, hotels and tour guides was excellent. The tour has caused an upturn in my family’s spirits. The freshness of your perspectives and your inspiring preaching and teaching during the tour made us appreciate all the hard work and effort Abby puts into the tours. We were especially appreciative of your smiling face and encouragement during the tour, even allowing us to run out of the bus to take one last picture

Marlan and Lauren Govender


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