Denise and Rob

Dearest Abby and Thurston,

Thank you to our Lord for giving us this special experience with you and the group in Israel. You are special people who have left a wonderful memory in my heart and life. God bless you Abby and Thurston. May you both be strengthened and prosper in your walk with Jesus. Where can I begin:- As I have been looking back over the photos that I took, I have realized it’s not just a “tick off my bucket list” but a memory and experience that cannot be fully expressed. Walking in the Land that is God’s pasture land. From Tel Aviv all across the land, down to the Dead Sea, Genesis Land and back to Jerusalem, was go,go,go so that it was hard to really take it all in until I looked at my photos and remembered. The whole tour was an experience that I doubted would ever happen, but God. The moment that really touched me was as we drove up the hill to the Mount of Olives. I looked out the window and saw Jerusalem and something happened in my heart. I knew that I was in Israel. I couldn’t believe I was in the land that Jesus walked. I somehow could feel what Jesus felt as he rode into Jerusalem on the donkey. Actually every day had its own experience, Floating on the Dead Sea was something to experience. Genesis Land was also very special. No commercial man- made structures to distract from the beauty of the surroundings. Meeting Abram’s servant Eliezer, riding the camel, calling out for Abram and lunch in the Bedouin tent. Then looking out over the Judean hills to the Jordan Valley in the distance and the Moab Hills in the far distance. This for me was so special, the reality of the land of Canaan. Thank you to the Lord, to you Thurston and Abby for making this experience possible. Thank you to all the wonderful people on the tour and thank you Craig and Lisa for watching over my husband. God bless and keep you all in the shadow of His wing

Denise and Robs


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