Rev. Ted Pyle

Hi Abigiail

What started off as an aimless student savings pocket, later turned into a passionate and aching spiritual desire that left my heart longing to experience the Holy Land in all its glory. On the 20th of August 2018 (which coincidently happened to be my birthday - treat!) I found myself being processed through a series of security gates and passport stamps heading towards Israel - Look at God! Not knowing my own social media update post dating back to the 31st of December 2017 would have prophetically claimed this entire trip! (It’s specifically read: “Thank you Jesus for an EXPLOSIVE 2017, and from glory to glory you’ve promised a GREATER 2018 in the land of milk and honey. You are so very kind” - Don’t we serve a God full of humour?). The greatest blessing of it all was experiencing the Bible in 3D with the two people who consistently fuelled and set the foundation of my faith ever since I was a little girl, my dearly beloved grandparents. We have made forever memories and beautiful moments that will be etched in my heart into eternity. I’ve learnt so much about the history, the soil, the direction and purpose on which Israel stands on. And the encounters I’ve had with God, honestly, his presence was so tangible it almost felt surreal. A mammoth portion of those memories would not have been possible without the prestige planning, dedication, unreal organizational skills, investment and heart-warming concern of Abby’s World travel. It exceeded all my expectations and had taken my traveling experience to a whole new dimension! There was nothing, I mean nothing, I could have possibly added or taken away from our trip that could have made it the slightest bit better. I sincerely believe it’s not just a travel agency / business but a ministry. The atmosphere of where God meets man is truly felt through the works of Abby’s World Travel. From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank Abby for materializing my hearts desires with relentless grace and compassion! I’ll forever remain in your debt for all your good works. May God bless you with prosperity and great favor!

God Bless

Rev. Ted Pyle


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Lancaster, Pennsylvania,

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