Dear Abby

What an experience it was from the beginning to the end, we met up with Abby and her husband at the airport on 07 December 2017 to start our tour off and we were met with a friendly Abby that was just as excited as we were to start this journey. The plane landed at the airport in Israel and we had no problem at all going through customs and was met by the Israeli tour guide. We got on the bus and we were off to a fantastic start to our tour. The bus was a luxury bus with air-conditioner and reclining seats and a plus the bus had Wi-Fi as well, the tour guide was exceptional very pleasant, God-fearing and had so much knowledge and patience. We booked into our first hotel and exceeded my expectation as it was a very nice hotel and the food was glorious. We were off again in the morning and I have to say that right through the tour it was the same excellent service and so much to take in that I have to go again. All the other hotels that we stayed in was top notch and they were focused on service delivery. The variety of food for breakfast and supper was amazing. I have never been on a tour that was that delightful and believe me I went on tours before when I took a 5 star tour of Europe and another one to Ireland and it cannot compare to this tour of Israel. I cannot explain all the highlights of this Israel tour as I am still digesting all that we experienced. I had an encounter with the Lord in my hotel rooms on the first and second night. I am privileged to have had that sweet experience I must say there is no doubt in my mind today that everything that GOD has for us we will have HE loves us that much, and I know that HE wanted me to know that, no matter what we face in life with GOD we already have victory so KNOW today whom you serve. Lastly, thank you, Abby and Thurston, for a trip that will leave a mark on my life forever I know that GOD still has so much more in store for you so keep on taking believers to the Promised Land.

GOD bless you !!



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