Revd Michael Craig

My wife, Penny and I booked a tour to Israel with Abby last year. The Tour was in December 2017. We booked on a recommendation from relatives. If you are a Christian believer Abby’s tours are commendable. We wanted a “In the footsteps of Jesus” experience. We got that. The tour was a jam-packed but also a profoundly spiritual experience. In fact the pace was fast. As contemplatives we would have liked to “soak in” the experience some more. Time is always a constraint. The challenge with a tour of Israel is that there is so much to see and experience. Our guide, Irit, a native Israeli, was super-efficient and highly informative. This was enhanced by the fact that she is a follower of our “Christian” Messiah, a believer in Jesus of Nazareth, Our Saviour and Lord. The Hotel Accommodation throughout, in Netanya, Tiberias, Ein Bokek and in Jerusalem was top class. In short, the tour was good value for money. In fact, it was a bargain, coming from someone holding weak South African currency in his hands. Foreign travel is very expensive for most South Africans but this was well worth the money we paid. I would definitely use Abby again. What a time we had! My sermons have been seriously influenced by this tour! The dust of the Holy Land clings to my feet.

Revd Michael Craig

Minister: Claremont Congregational Church, Cape Town, South Africa.


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