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it is very hard to put into words what I have experienced during my recent tour to Israel, No words will do justice, it simply is something that every Christian should experience, it is an unforgettable experience. I had a certain expectation going to Israel, I planned this for almost 10 months, in reality it was nothing that I expected. Every single day and every day was special. It is a mind blowing experience, rich in history, rich in the Holy Spirit and a yearning in my heart to return. I have learned so much about God’s word, I have always read the bible in black and white, this experience opens it all up and you return reading in colors. Everything comes alive! We visited many sites such as the Sea of Galilee, Abraham’s tent experience, The birth place of Jesus, The way that the Jews lived in the time of Jesus, the path He walked to the garden of Gethsemane, The Armageddon, the place where Peter started his ministry, the room of the last supper, the Tomb was an incredible emotional experience, probably the highlight of the tour for me. The temple mount and the feeling that you get when you are walking in the old city of Jerusalem, it truly is a Holy Place a Holy Land and somewhere where I left a little piece of myself. Our very special evening group time was a time of praising and worshiping and setting the captives free, the holy spirit was on time every time, a big thank you to Thurston Meyer who lead the team in terms of our spiritual needs, an evangelist that is still going to set the world on fire for Jesus. A very kind man that lives by Grace. God used him mightily and it was an honour sitting under his mantle. This was more than a tour, more than a ‘homecoming” – the friendships and the bonds that we formed during our tour simply blew my mind. We made new friends that almost instantly felt like family. The food was awesome, the hotels was top class, the luxury bus with air conditioner was a treat. Our tour guides knowledge really stood out for me, she was such a humble human being with so much to give, more than what was expected of her, she really gave it her all. Even our bus driver was a delight. Everything happened on time, what a wonderful experience. Abby’s World travel made this possible, you made it easy, from meeting you on the phone, to meeting you in person and then having the honour and the privilege to be on the tour with you and Thurston was the cherry on the cake. World class experience with a wold class travel agent. You are what you say you are, you do what you say you will do, and you go the extra mile and your smile lights up a room. I can with confidence say that if you planning to visit Israel, there is only one way to do it and that is to book your tour through Abby’s World Travel, she specialises in ISRAEL, she has a passion for the place and I can highly recommend her and her agency. Married to an evangelist, what more could you ask for. Thank you again for a wonderful experience..

Ps. Maybe I will retire in Tel Aviv after this trip.



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