Tebogo Ramatsui

Hi Abby


This word has so much definition to it, this is after an incredible journey I have just embarked on. Words cannot exactly explain the Power this trip had on me. My expectations of the trip was first to see the beautiful Israel and its rich History, Secondly I wanted to use the trip to revive my spiritual being. For many years I grew up in a Christian environment to a point where I was involved in Outreach teams etc, but the past couple of years I felt my life going astray and somehow couldn’t stop this “off-ramp” I was taking in life. I would try go to church, write notes but still nothing was changing, till I came across the brochure of Abby’s World Travel. I only acted on taking this trip seriously when the beautiful Abby whilst exhibiting told me about this tour. She shared a testimony of one of her previous clients, I got captured and started making arrangements for this trip immediately. I felt that God wanted me to be on this trip. The desire was burning inside of me. The true words of ‘walking on the footsteps of Jesus’ made me be so excited that I couldn’t wait to board the plane on route to Israel. The moment I arrived, I said a prayer to God, that I give my life away, use me as your vessel, help me grow in you and manifest in my life during this trip. Once I landed and by the virtue of realizing I was in Israel, I was in the place where Jesus was born, lived died and rose again. It just revived me. I felt all my troubles lift off my shoulders. The buildup was incredible as we moved from one place to another, the Bible literally came alive, seeing and touching the place where Jesus was born where He grew up, where He preached to the multitudes, where He was baptized, where He walked on water, where He had his last supper, where He was crucified, where his body laid as they prepared him for the tomb. Being in that tomb itself, Wow! The emotions got high, I said LORD thank you for giving up your begotten Son to save us from our sins. I felt undeserving but quickly remembered of His unconditional love He gave so ours sins could be forgiven. I will never be the same again. I have not come back a saint nor a pastor but a stronger believer, I just want to follow Jesus for the rest of my life. I feel renewed, I feel alive I have a hunger of knowing more of Jesus and drawing near to him. I have decided to enroll for Bible school too want to also share this with anyone I come across and share the words of the bible and lead many people to Christ. I will forever be grateful to Abby and her husband Thurston, I pray that God will increase success in your lives. The incredible work you do is out of this world. Allow God to keep using you guys in helping many lives to be touched like I was. The family that I adopted over the 10days. God bless you all, Irit (the Local tour guide) you where amazing. I will recommend this to any believer. It is an experience you need to feel. It is worth it. May the God I serve, Jehovah Shalom “The Lord our peace” Jehovah Rapha “The Lord our Healer” Jehovah-Sharmmah “Jehovah is there” be with you always.


Tebogo Ramatsui


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