Damian & Family

Dear Abby

This trip was perfect, from the time we left South Africa to the time we got back. Israel has always been a longing in our soul drawing us this year to embark on the trip. God's timing is always spot on. I must commend you in your planning and execution of this trip, not only was everything done on time, but our tour guide and driver were friendly and very knowledgeable. The trip to Bethlehem was special as well and not once did we feel in danger. In fact, when one travels in Israel, there is such a sense of peace and people are willing to help you where they can. A beautiful trip that we will embark on again. Abby's World Travel is the preferred operator for us simply because of the amazing service we received and the beautiful hotels we stayed in. This trip is a must for every believer, simply because in this land, God's presence is so powerful and so real. Be blessed, just as we were blessed in Israel.


Damian & family


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