Dear Abby

It is incredibly difficult to articulate what my trip to Israel was like. Just thinking about it now, I have too much to say in such a small space of words. But I will say this: walking into Israel, I felt an overwhelming sense of being at home. Walking where Jesus walked and seeing the countless bible stories coming to life is an experience I will forever replay in my mind and within my heart. It is surreal being at the myriad of locations you read about in the bible, from the Mount of Beatitudes to Mount Carmel, where Elijah called down fire from heaven. The presence of God at these sites is so incredibly strong that sometimes you find it hard to stay standing. Throughout the tour, God filled me up to overflow. I have a new drive, a stronger will and purpose in regard to Kingdom work, and most importantly, a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. You will never return from the Holy Land as the same person from when you entered. Lastly, I met so many new people in our tour group, and I am now friends with many of them, including Abby herself. Forming personal relationships based on deep convictions is always beneficial, and I am honoured to have developed interpersonal bonds with a variety of people. I highly recommend Abby’s World Travel. The professionalism exhibited was extensively displayed throughout the entire tour. It was an excellent tour, or rather, an excellent pilgrimage backed up by a company that showcases a spirit of excellence. You will definitely be in capable and skillful hands.




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