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Abigail Nel

At Abby’s World Travel, we’re driven by a simple yet profound belief that travel isn’t just a journey, it’s a transformative experience meant to be savored by all. My passion for sharing the wonders of the world led to the creation of Abby’s World Travel. An independent Travel Agency based in South Africa. We aim to unlock the joys of exploration for every traveler. Whether it’s an exclusive Tropical island holiday, leisurely escapes, thrilling adventures, business trips, group getaways, or spiritual pilgrimages, we’re here to make the journey seamless and stress-free.

With our expertise and innovative ONLINE BOOKING PLATFORM, and OFFLINE BOOKING EXPERTISE, we’re here to turn your travel dreams into reality. Let us be your guide as we craft unforgettable journeys and unlock the joy of travel together!


“Our vision is to become the leading provider of transformative travel experiences, renowned for our commitment to customer satisfaction, sustainability, and innovation in the global travel industry.”


“Our mission is to inspire and empower travelers to explore the world, fostering connections, cultural understanding, and personal growth through exceptional travel experiences.


“Our purpose is to ignite the spirit of adventure within every traveler, creating unforgettable journeys that enrich lives, and promote a deeper understanding of the world.”

Company Values

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

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Discover an array of enticing experiences tailored just for you, from Tropical Island Holidays and Leisure Escapes to Thrilling Adventures, Magical Cruising, Business Trips, Group Getaways, and Spiritual Pilgrimages.

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Discover the Magic of Cruising!

Set sail on an extraordinary journey with our curated cruise packages. Whether you’re dreaming of azure waters, breathtaking landscapes, or vibrant cityscapes, MSC cruises offer the perfect blend of luxury, adventure, and relaxation.

We proudly represent "Pilgrim Tours" in the USA as their Southern African Agent.


We provide a diverse selection of destinations and a multitude of scheduled tours to cater to your pilgrimage needs. Pilgrimages are meaningful journeys embarked upon by individuals or groups to visit sacred and significant religious sites. These transformative trips are often driven by spiritual or religious purposes and involve visiting places of worship or historical sites deeply connected to one’s faith.


Walk in the Footsteps of Paul

Explore the Sacred Journey Through Turkey and Greece!

Embark on a profound journey as you follow in the footsteps of Paul, the Apostle, through the historic lands of Turkey and Greece. This immersive tour takes you on a pilgrimage through ancient cities and sacred sites, tracing the path of Paul’s missionary travels and exploring the rich tapestry of early Christianity. From the bustling streets of Istanbul to the serene landscapes of Ephesus and Corinth, you’ll uncover the stories and teachings that shaped the foundations of Christianity. Led by experienced guides and accompanied by fellow travelers, you’ll delve into the depths of history and spirituality, gaining a deeper understanding of Paul’s legacy and the enduring significance of his travels. this journey promises an unforgettable experience filled with discovery, reflection, and inspiration.

Walk the Historic Camino de Santiago

Camino Pilgrimages

“The Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James, is a renowned pilgrimage route stretching across Europe to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. It has been traveled by pilgrims for centuries seeking spiritual growth, reflection, and connection. The Camino offers a transformative journey through diverse landscapes, charming villages, and historical landmarks, fostering camaraderie among fellow travelers from all walks of life. Whether walking, cycling, or riding, the Camino experience is an adventure filled with personal discovery and cultural immersion. “The Camino de Santiago offers a variety of routes, but the most popular and well-known is the Camino Francés (the French Way), 

Customer Feedback

Peter Jenkins
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We were privileged to be a part of Abby's World Travel in 2017. The tour exceeded our hopes and expectations by far. We stayed in good hotels with excellent food. Our guide was first-class. We travelled everywhere in a comfortable air-conditioned bus with an excellent driver.
Liezel Hosseinkhani
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My trip was a life-changing experience. The planning and execution of duties made by Abby's World Travel were professional and timely, to say the least. Our tour guide became a cornerstone of information and was extremely enjoyable and knowledgeable about the numerous sites which we got to visit. The hotels were luxurious and very pleasant to always reside in. I would recommend anyone to book their travel with Abby's World Travel. It was a delightful journey with beautiful memories I will cherish my whole life. Thank you.
Louise Matthews
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A mammoth portion of my memories would not have been possible without the prestige planning, dedication, unreal organizational skills, investment and heart-warming concern of Abby’s travel. It exceeded all my expectations and had taken my traveling experience to a whole new dimension! I sincerely believe it’s not just a travel agency / business but a ministry. The atmosphere of where God meets man is truly felt through the works of Abby’s travel. From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank Abby for materializing my hearts desires with relentless grace and compassion! I’ll forever remain in your debt for all your good works. May God bless you with prosperity and great favor!
Mike Nel
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Thank you, Abigail, for encouraging us to take this trip for It was truly a life-changing experience. It has transformed my life mentally and spiritually with some indelible experiences of walking where Jesus walked. You will be stretched to BELIEVE what you see, and you will be more in tune with God’s heart and God’s vision for the land of Israel, as well as the world. Thank you again to Abby's World Travel for making this dream come true and not just meeting but exceeding every expectation I had of this experience.
Thoko Lukhele
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I want to thank you Abigail for making my experience a memorable one. I spontaneously made the decision to book my travels with you while you were in America. You were constantly communicating the developments until the day of departure. I appreciated every hotel you booked us into, it was the best. You chose the best tour guide who made sure that we obtained the maximum benefits of all the sites. I would recommend Abby's World Travel to anyone who wants to get the best of their tour and expect to be WOWED for the duration of the tour.
Doug Vela
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I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Abby’s World Travel. Your professionalism and level of quality created an unforgettable experience for me. From the day of the first contact with you, your customer service, good communication skills, your ability to make quick decisions, was clearly outstanding. This well organised trip took away all the worries that often come with being in a foreign country, and enabled me and my fellow travelers, to focus on the spiritual purpose of the tour. Once again, thank you very much for the excellent work.
Rosemary Jenkins
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Abby's tour was an experience of a lifetime. It has been superbly thought out. It was packed with visits to amazing sights, excellent guiding and fantastic accommodation and food. We have made meaningful friendships. We will go home different people. Thank you to Abby for an incredible experience!
Thoko Lukhele
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I want to thank you Abigail (Abby’s World Travel) for making my experience a memorable one. I spontaneously made the decision to book my travels with while and you were in America. You were constantly communicating the developments until the day of departure. I appreciated every hotel you booked us into, it was the best. You chose the best tour guide who made sure that we obtained the maximum benefits of all the sites. I would recommend Abby’s World Travel to anyone who wants get the best of their tour and expect to be WOWED for the duration of the tour.
Lisa McClure
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It came as no surprise then, that the Holy Land tour would help me to seek new as well as old truths which pre-trip I anticipated largely. The tour itself was a slice of heaven! Spiritually uplifting and feeding my soul with its sweetness and date-honey dripping goodness. Yes- I captured panoramic pics of sites but nothing and I repeat NOTHING is comparable with the reality of the moment. The smells, the flavours of the delicious food, the sounds of the ancient languages in the markets of the Via Dolorosa. NO! Undeniably, one has to be there to capture the panorama of Israel in all its glory. All thanks and glory go to God in whom and through whom all things are possible.
Alejandre Howe
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Upon embarking on a mind and heart changing journey. I tried preparing myself mentally for the heartfelt experiences that I expected to have however none of the preparations truly prepared me for the elevating encounters that I had and nothing and no one could have prepared me for the face to face and heart to heart encounters that I constantly had with Christ -on this journey. Taking a trip with Abby's World Travel was overwhelming and discovering Israel with fellow believers through a company that is passionate about Christ and making Him known was beyond satisfying. Thank you once again to Abby.
Gail Koeberg
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Thank you so much for such an amazing tour. This tour honestly exceeded my expectation. I thought that it was going to be a normal tour but I was blown away by the excellence in which the tour was organised. We were exposed to so many biblical sites. My encounters with God are indescribable, our tour guide knew the history and sights so well and it made it so easy for me to visualise what happened in the days Jesus walked the earth. I will recommend Abby’s World Travel to anyone. Thank you once again for a blessed dream tour which I will never forget.
Yvonne Ponnusamy
Read More
I returned from an awesome life changing experience. Prior to departure Abby kept us informed on little details, the events that take place at different times of the year. Our anticipation grew each time we received communication from her and our departure could not come fast enough. She is extremely passionate about what she does. Abby obviously puts a lot of thought into the itinerary that covers sites that most others do not include. She gave useful and detailed information regarding the itinerary for each day and the visits to the sites far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Abby’s World Travel.
Marlan and Lauren Govender
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You offer a tour that not only touches people’s hearts but their souls and spirits. We thank you for this blessing and bid you keep up the good work. I pray for many to experience Israel the way Abby’s world tour does!
Michael Craig
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We booked on a recommendation from relatives. If you are a Christian believer Abby’s tours are commendable. The tour was a jam packed but also a profoundly spiritual experience. In fact the pace was fast. Our guide, Irit, a native Israeli, was super-efficient and highly informative. The Hotels were top class. In short the tour was good value for money. In fact it was a bargain, coming from someone holding weak South African currency in his hands. Foreign travel is very expensive for most South Africans but this was well worth the money we paid. I would definitely use Abby again.
Read More
What an experience it was from the beginning to the end with Abbys World Travel. We booked into our first hotel and exceeded my expectation and the food was glorious. We received excellent service and so much to take in. All the other hotels that we stayed in was top notch and they were focused on service delivery. I have never been on a tour that was that delightful and believe me I went on tours before when I took a 5-star tour of Europe and another one to Ireland and it cannot compare to this tour with Abby's World Travel. Lastly thank you Abby for a trip that will leave a mark on my life forever GOD bless you!!!!!
Desmond & Oriel Swartz
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My tour with Abbys World Travel was certainly a dream come true. This nine day tour with Abby's world travel was an unforgettable experience. The sights we visited was definitely more than we expected. Every day was better than the previous one. We were spiritually refreshed and can never read the Bible with the same mindset as before. The hotel Accommodation exceeded our expectations by far as well as the tour bus. This was a flawless, hassle free tour and can only be accredited to the fact that they are committed to excellence. This was an unforgettable and indescribable experience. Thank you Abby for a well organised tour of the Holy land.
Farial Omagu
Read More
Our time with Abby's World Travel from the 1st day to the last one, it was the most amazing experience. From the hotels to the tour guide, from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea, every day and every evening was uniquely precious. We can truly say, OUR LIVES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! Abby’s World Travel gave us the most amazing deal both financially and spiritually. We are truly grateful.
Seemole Damarice
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The memories are still very fresh in my mind. I was so impressed with the professionalism and the effectiveness of Abby. My travel documents were prepared within a short space of time. Your efficiency cannot be matched. The trip itself was life changing. Thanks you so much to the tour guide Irit, who was exceptionally knowledgeable. I will never choose any travel agent for my oversea trips again. I will also recommend you to whoever wishes to travel overseas. I can write so many scripts about Abby's World travel. The group I travelled became like family. This was through your kindness, prayers and you leading by example.
Dolly Makole
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During the journey I was also able to realise the fact that all that is written in the bible existed and still exists. What I loved most was that the tour guide arranged by Abby's World Travel was highly qualified and experienced in what she does. She is passionate about what she does. Please do not hesitate to contact Abigail Nel from Abby's World Travel. She’s the best travel agency you can find in South Africa amongst the few best agencies. May God bless and well done. This is what we call service to humanity, service to the Almighty, you are called for this purpose.
Tebogo Ramatsui
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WOW…. This word has so much definition to it, this is after an incredible journey I have just embarked on. Words cannot exactly explain the Power this trip had on me. My expectations of the trip was first to see the beautiful Israel and its rich History, Secondly I wanted to use the trip to revive my spiritual being. I came across the brochure of Abby’s World Travel. I only acted on taking this trip seriously when the beautiful Abby whilst exhibiting told me about this tour. I got captured and started making arrangements for this trip immediately. Thank you for making a dream come true Abby.
Denise and Rob
Read More
Thank you to our Lord for giving us this special experience with you and the group in Israel. You are special people who have left a wonderful memory in my heart and life. God bless you Abby. As I have been looking back over the photos that I took, I have realized it’s not just a “tick off my bucket list” but a memory and experience that cannot be fully expressed. The whole tour was an experience that I doubted would ever happen, but God. God bless and keep you all in the shadow of His wings.
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This tour exceeded my expectations, the hotel rooms were exquisite and the food was divine. One could see excellence in everything, from transportation to room allocations and the places we went too. The tour group was fabulous, I had a family away from home. New friendships were formed . The effort and thought that went into planning such an amazing tour is priceless. Best travel agency to us is Abby's World Travel, you travel like royalty.
Read More
The trip was a life changing experience for me at the age of 76 years. God has blessed me abundantly with health and strength to be able to go to all the beautiful sites walking up and down the magnificent mountains with my fragile bones.
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I had an unforgettable & mind-blowing experience, rich in history, rich in the Holy Spirit and a yearning in my heart to return. The food was awesome, the hotels was top class, the luxury bus was delightful. Our tour guides knowledge was incredible. She exceeded our expectation. Abby’s World travel made this possible, you made it easy, from meeting you on the phone, to meeting you in person and then having the honour to be on the tour with you was the cherry on the cake. World class experience with a World Class travel agent. You are what you say you are. Your smile lights up a room. I can with confidence say that if you are planning a trip, there is only one way to do it and that is to book your tour through Abby’s World Travel, she has a passion for travel I can highly recommend her agency.
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It is incredibly difficult to articulate what my experience. Throughout the tour, God filled me up to overflowing. I have a new drive, a stronger will and purpose in regard to Kingdom work, and most importantly, a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. You will never return home the same. I am honored to have developed bonds with a variety of people. I highly recommend Abby’s World Travel. The professionalism exhibited was extensively displayed throughout the entire tour. It was an excellent tour, or rather, an excellent pilgrimage backed up by a company that showcases a spirit of excellence. You will definitely be in capable and skillful hands. Thank you Abby.
Damian & Family
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This trip was perfect, from the time we left South Africa to the time we got back. Israel has always been a longing in our soul drawing us to embark on the trip. God's timing is always spot on. I must commend you in your planning and execution of this trip, not only was everything done on time, but our tour guide and driver were friendly and very knowledgeable. A beautiful trip that we will embark on again. Abby's World Travel is the preferred operator for us simply because of the amazing service we received and the beautiful hotels we stayed in. This trip is a must for every believer, simply because in this land, God's presence is so powerful and so real.
Read More
Thank you for a very well organised tour. My expectations were met beyond what I imagined we would see, do and learn. From the moment we left SA to the time we arrived back home everything went according to plan. Our tour guide Irit was fantastic. She took control from day 1 and filled us with so much information as we visited sites. Her knowledge of Israel’s history is amazing. I really enjoyed what she brought to the tour. Our bus driver Raffi was great. Our hotels were Top Class, and I really enjoyed all the meals. I would go back at any time. We are so happy that we found Abby’s World Travel to trust with our travel arrangements and will surely use you again. Thank you once again for everything.
Read More
Thank you for a tour of a lifetime. You made it possible for all of us with your arrangement skills not only did we walk in the footsteps of JESUS but you walked with us every mile of the way. I feel like I have met family on my trip. I will remember your warm welcome forever. GOD BLESS.

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Some popular destinations for first-time travelers include cities like South Africa, Bali, Maldives, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, and New York City. However, the best destination for you depends on your personal interests and preferences. Research different options and consider what type of experience you’re looking for.

Visa requirements vary depending on your nationality and the destination you plan to visit. It’s important to check the visa requirements with your Travel Agency well in advance of your trip. Or you can usually find this information on the official website of the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit.

Packing efficiently can save you time and hassle. Consider making a packing list, rolling clothes to save space, using packing cubes or compression bags, and packing versatile clothing items that can be mixed and matched. Don’t forget to check baggage restrictions and pack essential items in your carry-on.

The best time to visit a destination depends on factors such as weather, peak tourist seasons, and specific events or festivals. Research the climate and peak seasons of your desired destination to determine the ideal time to visit based on your preferences or consult your Travel Agency.

There are several options for staying connected while traveling abroad. You can consider purchasing a local SIM card, using international roaming services provided by your mobile carrier, or using portable Wi-Fi devices or apps. Additionally, many hotels, cafes, and public spaces offer free Wi-Fi.

It’s important to be prepared for travel emergencies. Make sure to have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and trip cancellations. Keep important contact numbers, such as your embassy or consulate, saved in your phone. Familiarize yourself with the local emergency services and have a plan in place for communication and assistance.

Layovers can be an opportunity to explore a new city or country. Research if you are eligible for a transit visa and check the duration of your layover. If time permits, consider taking a city tour, visiting local attractions, or trying local cuisine. Just make sure to allow enough time to return to the airport for your connecting flight.

When booking accommodations, consider factors such as location, amenities, reviews from previous guests, and price. Think about your preferences and priorities, whether it’s being close to attractions, having a comfortable stay, or staying within a certain budget.

Traveling solo can be a rewarding experience, but it’s important to prioritize safety. Research the safety of your destination, stay aware of your surroundings, avoid walking alone at night in unfamiliar areas, and inform someone of your travel plans. Trust your instincts and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

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